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Consulting & Coaching
Lifestyle Modification, Small Business, Technical & Process Development

Lifestyle Modification

We are here to assist in helping you realize your lifestyle goals. There is no better way to understand the steps and direction to take to be successful, than with a consulting/coaching partner who has a clear vision.


Small Business

As your guide through the development process for your small business (Social Media included), we want to help you understand what is required for each level of government (city, state, county, and federal).  We will work with you to design your logo, create a name, build your brand, understand filing requirements, and more.  T.H. Green and Company is a premiere consulting service.  We pride ourselves on offering quality customer service to our clients


Sometimes you know exactly what you want for your business, but struggle with how to implement. Let us partner with you to figure out what tools and technical resources are needed for your brand.

Process Development

Have you ever had an idea and needed help bringing it into fruition? T.H. Green and Company can help lay the groundwork on your concept and get the ball rolling.

For more information, pricing, and to schedule your free consultation, please email us at or call (832)861-6413

Thank you for considering us!

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