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Health & Wellness Links and Information


My Fitness Pal has been my go to app for tracking my meals, workouts, and water intake.  I have depended on this app for years.  If you would like a great way to keep up with what you are eating and how you are moving, download the My Fitness Pal app today!

Diabetic Nutrition is not just for diabetics. I learned that by adjusting my meal according to the rules of diabetic nutrition, it helped me track calories, nutrients, and be accountable for my eating habits.

Diabetic Connect seems to have disappeared from the internet. Here are some other resources

Eating Well

Mayo Clinic

American Diabetes Association


Taste of Home

When you are struggling with health issues, confusion about how to prepare healthy meals, and/or feeling like you will never get better, please don't feel like you are alone.  Health and wellness is a global cause.  Even someone who is slender in build may have some sort of issue, whether it is medical, psychological, emotional...or what have you.  Life happens with or without our consent.  There are several bloggers and You Tube content creators who are very instrumental in keeping me on the right track.  They are Sweet Potato Soul and Simply Quinoa:

Sweet Potato Soul: You Tube Channel/Blog

Simply Quinoa: You Tube Channel/Blog

Brenda Canas: You Tube Channel/Blog

The struggle is real!  Having a place to use as a resource for inspiration and fresh new ideas is very important.  Check out these ladies' channels and blogs.  You won't be disappointed. :)

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