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MY Story

I spent years of my life exercising and participating in outdoor activities.  I even started body building and doing aerobics in my senior year of high school through my freshman year of college.  Growing up too fast, not paying attention to what I put into my body, not continuing to exercise, eating heavy fried food and typical southern cuisine; I found myself on the wrong end of a very bad diagnosis.  In 2010 I went to the doctor with a 3 day migraine.  It was at that time that I learned (sitting in the emergency room) that my blood pressure was extremely high and I was on the verge of having a stroke.  I was 41 years old and my health was failing.  By 2011, I was on 15 different medications.  I was suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, soft tissue and nerve damage, arthritis, joint disease, reflux/gerd, menopause, and a few other things.  My health was failing and I had to do something or I would die.  I started doing research on homeopathic medicine and natural cures to see if there anything that I could do to help myself.  The first thing that I decided to start with was my hair.  I stopped processing my hair with chemicals to straighten it (I went natural).  The next thing that I did (since I loved to cook) was to incorporate more spices and raw ingredients into my meals.  I became a flexitarian/pescatarian (eliminating red meat and pork).  Ultimately, by changing my diet, exercising, and paying attention to the way that my body responded to those changes helped me to not only lose weight, but to start feeling better.  However, I was not out of the woods. 

In March of 2014, I made one of the hardest decisions of my life.  After attending an orientation for weight loss surgery, I decided to have a gastric bypass.  The one major factor that contributed to my decision was hearing the words, "no longer be diabetic".  The surgery was scheduled upon satisfying my insurance requirements and completed in September of 2014.  After an unexpected complication during surgery and a difficult recovery that almost put me back in the hospital, I am 100 pounds down and off almost all of my medication.  One of the things that I enjoy is experimenting with different herbs, seasonings, plant-based ingredients, and understanding the health benefits of clean eating.  I recently decided to re-incorporate animal protein into my diet because I was struggling with protein deficiency.  It is definitely strange, having been plant-based for so long.  However, I am feeling wonderful and will decide if this is what is best for me long term.  I reached MY goal weight and designing the body that I want for myself.  Soon I will be having my final surgery to remove excess skin and finally finished with this unhealthy journey.


The key to having a successful weight loss journey is not just reaching

your goal weight, but creating a mindset that will help you understand

how to continue to be healthy, happy, and whole emotionally, spiritually,

mentally, and physically.  Failing to lose a specific amount of weight within

a given period of time does not make you a failure.  It means that you have

to work to identify what prevented you from completing the task and start

over with a fresh mind.

Now that you know my story, what's yours?  I would love to help you learn

how to navigate the challenges that impede your progress or teach you how

to champion those irritants that you find to be just a little tough to over

come alone.  You don't have to be brave on your own any more! 

As the founder of T.H. Green and Company, I am here to help.

Toni R Hendrix-Green -2015

Motivational Speaking

Non-Profit Consulting

Freelance Writer/Poet

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