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Interesting Vegetarian Meal

On this beautiful Sunday afternoon, my husband and I decided to venture out in search of a new place to eat. I am vegetarian and he has recently started conforming to my diet, but still periodically eats meat. I Googled vegetarian restaurants in Katy, Texas (I chose Katy because we don't frequent any of the businesses in that are and find myself on a mission to broaden my geographical horizons). I thought that it might be fun to divert from the norm. I came across a place called Chowpatty Express. They are a Indian vegan/vegetarian restaurant. Since we love Indian food, they were sure to have something on the menu for both of us. I entered the directions in my phone and off we went.


1420 S Mason Rd #110

Katy, TX 77450

(832) 437-5578


Here is what we had to eat:

The portions were enough for us to share AND we needed a to-go container (we had left overs). I cannot pronounce all of the dishes, but it sure was fun to try. Our server took her time explaining the ingredients and was careful to suggest things that were compatible with requests. The restaurant is very clean and offer a variety of choices for beverages as well. Although I don't know what the sodium count is in the items we purchase; I would say to those who have hypertension or watching their sodium intake, Indian food is typically a bit high in sodium any way. I would recommend eating in moderation and drink plenty of water with your meal.


This is our server and shots of the restaurant. The decor was very festive and inviting. Check out the cool movie posters on the wall and the comfy chairs. The also have an accent piece at the front counter that is really cute.


If you are in the Katy area, please consider stopping by. The staff is very helpful with helping you choose something from the menu (PDF version). The items that we had were samples of the dishes that they offer. Here is a copy of the menu and a link to their Facebook page as well.

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