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Jack Fruit Pressure Cooker Stew

Cold weather, a nice pair of fuzzy socks, a warm blanket and big bowl of stew. Sounds like a great combination to me! I decided to pull out my pressure cooker/instant pot and make a stew with Jack Fruit, cannellini beans, corn, potatoes, a spinach and cheese pasta sauce. It was so yummy :)

I used all prepackaged ingredients on purpose. I have a nice assortment of ingredients in my pantry that I needed to use up and this was the perfect solution. I also added garlic and diced onions and bell pepper.

Here is the finished product!

I have never used Jack Fruit before and I was a little intimidated, but it turned out great! It has the textured of pulled pork but much more tender. When it is prepacked like this you don't have to cook it for long.

I hope that this convince you to try Jack Fruit.

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